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The Tot Spot Learning Center's infant rooms care for infants 6 weeks to 12 months.  In these rooms, your infant will explore their new world through an individualized approach.  We will follow your baby's  personal schedule of napping, eating and diapering, while making time during these routines to sing, talk and cuddle. Our infant room caregivers will keep families informed with daily reports detailing your baby's day.  Our open door policy ensures that parents can take comfort knowing that they can stop in any time to nurse or just to visit. 

In our infant rooms, we strive to create a nurturing "home away from home" atmosphere that will promote brain development through positive caregiver/child interactions where infants can explore and make new discoveries.  Your precious infant will be provided with love and warmth, while exploring a world of stimulating age specific activities to develop small and large motor skills, social and emotional skills, and early language skills.  As your infant grows older, the program promotes language development and provides opportunities for positive social interactions.

Caregivers will provide love and guidance as your infant grows and develops at their own pace.  Infants are highly motivated as they are encouraged to independently explore their surroundings.  Visual and tactile

Curriculum Areas of Focus

Language and Literacy: Your child is learning to communicate with sounds and facial expressions.  Teachers will encourage language development through modeling and constant communication.

Mathematics: Your infant will experiment to understand relationships such as action and reaction.  For example, shaking a rattle will make noise.

Socialization: Through the first year of life, your child is beginning to develop a sense of self.  Teachers provide nurturing and stimulating environments to encourage this development.

Health: Teachers will plan activities that will help your child develop their fine motor skills and mobility.

Music: Your child will learn to create and respond to sound and will be exposed to pleasant music throughout the day.


Art: Your infant will be exposed to an ever-changing array of stimulating colors, shapes and textures.   

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