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Intercoms: The school is equipped with an intercom system that enables teachers to communicate with Administrators without leaving the classroom.  This also enables the teachers to maintain staff/child ratios at all times.

Closed Classrooms: Each age group has a separate classroom that offers a quiet learning environment to children of the same age.

Playgrounds: Our 4000 square foot playground areas includes 3 separate fenced in playgrounds; 1 for infants/young toddlers, 1 for older toddlers and 1 for our preschool children. 

Safety is always our number one priority.  So, we have installed playground safe, artificial turf with a rubber padding base.  Your child can enjoy a riding our big wheel track, climbing on any of our  climbing center or playing on our playground with plenty of room to run and play. 

Security Doors: All doors are locked and alarmed at all times with a keypad system for authorized parents to gain access to the building.  Staff members also must positively identify visitors before admitting them to the facility.

Security Features

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