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Becoming a toddler changes everything!  Your toddler wants to go everywhere and do everything.  As infants mature and become toddlers, they continue to learn through playing with and manipulating toys as they explore their environment with their

new-found mobility. 

Children in our toddler rooms are still engaging in independent play and are just beginning to realize that their peers are available to interact with.  Much of the time in the toddler room is spent exploring the environment and discovering what their bodies are capable of doing.  Toddlers learn best through repetition and enjoy singing familiar songs, reading stories multiple times and playing with common toys. 

Curriculum Areas of Focus

Language and Literacy: Through books, song and daily activities, teachers will help your child become comfortable with language and help build your child's vocabulary.

Mathematics: Hands-on activities enable your child to explore simple number concepts such as one and many, big and little, and simple shapes and colors.  Toddlers begin to recognize shapes, colors and numbers through toys, games, songs, and basic puzzles.

Socialization: Your child is beginning the socialization process and becoming aware of others and their feelings.  Teachers assist your child in developing relationships through closely supervised group activities. 

Health: Your child will be taking part in many movement activities to assist in refining muscle control.  Toddlers make major strides in balance, coordination and fine motor skills during their very active days.

Music: Singing songs, playing simple instruments and moving to music will be an everyday occurrence for your child.

Art: Activities that encourage scribbling and using a paintbrush help develop fine motor skills and aid the understanding of cause and effect. 

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