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Our preschoolers are surrounded with an environment that builds self-esteem and learning, while exposing them to basic concepts and skills needed for their future.  In this classroom, the captivating themes make learning meaningful while providing children with a strong foundation for success.  Our preschoolers curriculum satisfies inquisitive minds by exploring the world of science, social studies, math, language, art and dramatic play. 

The learning skills that will be achieved through our program are boundless.  Through song, reciting and individual discovery centers, children quickly learn what can be the beginning of a successful journey in schooling. 

Curriculum Areas of Focus

Language and Literacy: Your child will experiment with different letter sounds and start to explore characters and story plots.  They will also take part in age appropriate writing activities


Mathematics: Your child will continue to explore simple number concepts such as more/less, patterning, and sorting.  Center activities will allow your child to practice comparing, classifying, measuring and much more.


Socialization: Circle time and group games provide opportunities for your child to follow directions, take turns and build friendships.  Your child is also beginning to make conscious choices about preferences and behavior.


Health: Children practice fine motor skills with puzzles, cutting, and self-help skills. 


Music: Children clap and move in time to the musical beat, sing songs, and identify similar types of sounds.  Teachers will encourage your child to experiment with sounds using simple instruments and experiencing music from various cultures.


Art: Teachers will provide your child with opportunities to trace and copy simple shapes and explore various art techniques that include folding, cutting, bending, and coloring.


Spanish: Your child will be able to count to ten in Spanish, as well as learn words for family members and animals.


Social Studies: Your child will be introduced to the concept of community by discussing similarities and differences in our families and homes.  Teachers will also explain what community helpers do, introduce different cultures around the world and explore various holidays.


Science: Children will begin to perform simple experiments.  They will learn about weather, life cycles, insects and the concept of time.

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