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Kindergarten is an exciting and important time for children where we nurture their innate love of learning and will set the tone for the rest of their educational journey.  At The Tot Spot Learning Center we give the children the strong foundation they need for future success.  Low student/teacher ratios allow the teacher to spend quality time with each child.   


We provide a comprehensive program that encompasses language arts, science, mathematics, social studies, fine arts and social- emotional development skills.  Licensed through the Pennsylvania Department of Education and aligned with National and PA standards, we balance each subject with structure and fun. 


Students gain information through participation in experiences with objects, media, books and engaging in conversations with both teachers and peers. 

Curriculum Areas of Focus

Language and Literacy: Your child will participate in an emergent literacy program.  We use various methods to teach letter recognition, letter sounds, sight words, oral language development, reading skills, handwriting, phonics and writing using invented spelling. 


Mathematics: The Kindergarten children use the Everyday math program.  The mathematical concepts are taught using a hands-on approach.  Numeral recognition is only a small part of the skills learned in this program.  Other skills that are taught are counting, measurement, number operations, pattering, graphing, skip counting, money and time. 


Health: Your child will develop fine and gross motor skills through age-appropriate indoor and outdoor activities.  Students will also learn various body parts and their functions, proper dental health care, nutrition and conflict resolution/team building skills.


Music: Teachers will encourage your child to experiment with tempo, rhythm, melody and other musical concepts while listening to music from around the world and introducing various instruments and movement activities.


Art: Your child will be introduced to famous artists throughout history while being taught art concepts such as texture, shading, lines and formation, intensity and emotion. 


Social Studies: Teachers provide a theme based approach to the social studies curriculum using various forms of literature and hands-on activities.  We explore families, neighborhoods, historical people and holidays celebrated in the United States and around the world.  Working cooperatively with peers and developing an acceptance of all people are important parts to our social studies curriculum.


Science: Your child will learn about four sciences: Biological, Earth and Space, Environmental and Physical.  Experiments and hands-on activities play a crucial role in learning about life cycles, energy/motion, magnetism, the 3 stages of matter, recycling and much more. 

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