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PreK Counts 

The Tot Spot Learning Center Preschool is unlike any other! Unlike corporate centers, your child’s curriculum is individually designed by classroom teachers and our Program Director. We aim to meet each individual need of a student’s growth. The Tot Spot Learning Center has three classrooms for our pre-school learners: Panda Preschool, Polar Bear Pre-Kindergarten & Get Ready Grizzlies. Our programs build a solid foundation for future education and success!

We make our children feel safe and secure so they can take healthy risks in learning and growing. Our classes vary instruction based on lessons and students needs. Our students receive structured learning time, centers, discovery learning, art projects, and creative dramatics. Students will be working on reading, writing, science, social studies, language and math.

Sign language and Spanish enrichment are included in the pre-school curriculum and reinforced by their classroom teachers. It is a wonderful way that the Tot Spot Learning Center teaches students to learn and understand other ways of communicating.

After completing our program, each student receives a graduation ceremony. As our students walk across to receive their Pre-Kindergarten diplomas, we could not be more proud of their passion, excitement, and success!

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